research, experimentation, product design, made by Association Pjorkkala (Žan Girandon and Luka Pleskovič) 

Kaduja is an investigation into contemporary bread baking practices, aiming to rekindle the tradition of homemade bread production. Simultaneously, "Kaduja'' derives its name from the Slovenian vernacular word, representing the vessel employed for kneading bread dough. The product serves the purposes of facilitating dough rising, baking, and storage. It consists of a 3D-printed ceramic vessel complemented by a handcrafted dry goods lid. Focusing on the pervasive issue of bread waste, which constitutes 44% of Europe's food waste, Kaduja addresses this concern strategically. It presents a sustainable approach to mitigate food wastage, emphasizing responsible consumption while preserving culinary heritage.

© Pia Groleger