Water engine

experimentation, made by Association Pjorkkala (Žan Girandon and Luka Pleskovič) and Floating universtiy, Berlin
4th Art Triennial in Tbilisi, Georgia

The installation is a critique of our relationship with water and its accessibility. The "water engine," powered by a fun swing, connects participants in their microclimate and invites them to collaborate. In the installation, different processes are triggered that cause water to be transferred to a tank several meters above the river's surface, where mechanisms for cleaning river water are initiated - ceramic filtration, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, and UV light filtration. The result is drinking water obtained from the polluted Mtkvari river. Water is a fundamental resource for life, and our relationship with it is crucial for our overall well-being. The installation seeks to raise awareness of the importance of water and how we interact with it. It highlights how our actions can affect the quality and accessibility of this vital resource, and how we need to take responsibility for our impact.

© Pia Groleger