research, experimentation, product design, made by Association Pjorkkala (Žan Girandon, Ema Kapelj, Zala Križ and Luka Pleskovič)

The product Dodola is an installation of intricately shaped filtration modules which purifies water of contaminants as small as bacteria, thereby leaving behind only the desired constituents such as minerals. It’s made of clay, mixed with organic material and fired in a way which increases its porosity by a manyfold. Stemming from material experimentation, the process of form exploration began with the help of generative design and 3D clay printing technology. The goal was to generate forms that would act as scaffolding for the water, enable and improve water permeability and enable water movement and its upwards directed flow. To take advantage of hydraulic pressure under the surface, the underwater objects were designed to enable water absorption through the entire surface of the structure. To increase the permeability of water, the filter was designed by incorporation of the gyroid minimal surface, which can also be observed in beetle shells and the paths of a butterfly’s wings mid-flight. Furthermore, using this structure makes the objects statically reinforced. The flow of the water is used to turn the filters, which then transfers the water from a lower to a higher plane through an Archimedes screw. By using the flow of water to power the rotation of the filters, the device can be installed even in remote areas where there are no power connections.

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