Sustainable aspect of food at UL ALUO

selection of projects and editing the text, collaboration with Jovana Đukić
authors of projects Urša del Cott, Tina Dernovšek, Maruša Dolinar, Žan Girandon, Pia Groleger, Maja Jenko, Julija Karas, Maša Kralj, Mojca Krivec, Emilija Meserko, Andrija Mihailovič, Tjaša Mužina, Luka Pleskovič, Eva Popit, Irina Pozdorovkina, Simon Rozman, Anna Sangawa Hmeljak, Lukas Schawnted de Lima, Urban Šelj, Magdalena Štibohar, Ana Topole and Anže Zajc

Sustainable exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana

research, collaboration with Urša del Cott, Tina Dernovšek, Žan Girandon, Emilija Meserko, Luka Pleskovič, Eva Popit and Irina Pozdorovkina

This study analyzes the current state of the exhibition at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Data was collected through an exhibition inventory in June 2022 and January 2023. The main objective of the study was to provide recommendations on how to make exhibitions at UL ALUO more sustainable and as CO2 neutral as possible. The study primarily highlighted the importance of small decisions in the right direction, which often require only a little consideration and are usually painless. The report serves as a guideline for students and professors in preparing future exhibitions. It also forms the first step in preparing a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality at UL ALUO by 2030.

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What design can do?

research, collaboration with Matic Čič, Žan Girandon, Vid Lebič, Lina Piškur, Luka Pleskovič, Vita Rau, Daša Šešerko and Jo Zornik
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